Effective Security Relies on Intelligent Video

View, verify and respond utilizing AI object recognition

Central Station Monitoring
Central Station Monitoring
Central Station Monitoring

Keep your jobsite secure during non-construction hours with UL Listed, Five Diamond Central Station Monitoring Centers, where professionals review AI detected incidents, assess the risk and dispatch law enforcement when necessary.

AI Object Identification

Optimized using billions of jobsite images, EarthCam's AI is extremely accurate, helping you deter theft, eliminate false alarms and reduce costs. The cause of the alert is clearly communicated - including the number of people, what type of vehicle, or interactions with equipment.

Keep Jobsites Secure with Perimeter Detection

Use thermal and AI camera options to create a 'digital fence'. Talk-down capabilities and a deterrent strobe warn intruders on entering a designated zone. Alerts are sent to EarthCam’s Central Station Monitoring (CSM) where trained professionals view, verify and respond.

Continuous Recording with Edge Video Recorder

Record your entire project with secure 256 bit AES encryption in up to 4K resolution, using the Edge Video Recorder (EVR). Retain up to 365 days - a full year of video.

NEW! Support for DoorCam - Access, Visitors & Deliveries

Manage site access and actuate a door or gate with DoorCam and two-way voice communication. Photograph front-of-house and back-of-house visitors in Procore Visitor & Delivery Logs. Automatically create permanent visual evidence of jobsite access and deliveries.

License Plate Recognition Service

Identify authorized and unauthorized vehicles by their plates using optical character recognition, even when moving quickly, or at night. Automatically control access, disable alarms, verify deliveries and send alerts to management. Record a log of every license plate that enters/exits the jobsite.

Better Lives Through Visual Information®

Extreme IR Night Vision

Surveil areas even in complete darkness with EarthCam’s integrated night-vision. Reveal night-time activity even in large open areas without lighting. Systems automatically switch to night mode and provide superior long-range IR Illumination.

Thermal Imaging for Accurate Detection
Thermal Imaging for Accurate Detection

Thermal cameras provide another level of visibility for the jobsite for 24/7 surveillance, detecting intruders in complete darkness, fog, smoke, rain or snow. Thermal cameras provide a reliable and cost-effective way to verify critical situations, such as equipment overheating, or elevated interior temperatures.

Powerful, Secure Collaboration with Control Center 8

EarthCam's Software as a Service (SaaS) powers your visual information ecosystem for advanced construction camera management and security.

  • Take control of your visual data
  • Access remotely and safely from anywhere
  • View secure, encrypted live video via https
  • Custom multi-view camera grid
  • 365 days continuous HD video recording
  • Set up include/exclude areas for detection
  • Receive alerts for loitering or left objects
  • Auto-identify objects crossing a perimeter
  • Access current and historical weather data
  • Email, save & share content
  • Integrate with site map/satellite map
  • Streamline admin with single sign-on (SSO)
  • Continuous, unlimited support & training